Moon buggy driven by Sean Connery as 007 in Diamonds are Forever is on sale for $614,000

James Bond enthusiasts may remember the little moon buggy or the shiny ride that Sean Connery uses to drive across the Nevada Desert in the 007 classic film: Diamonds Are Forever. Well, the good news is that the iconic car is now up for grabs! Yes, that’s right. Those interested (and with deep pockets) can now call the buggy their very own for a whopping sum of $614,000 USD (approximately).

Although no Aston Martin, Connery’s little rover has a charm of its own with several takers already showing keen interest in its sale that is scheduled to take place next month. The car boasts the iconic perspex dome, two robot arms and a satellite dish and is easily a connoisseurs delight that is waiting to be taken home. It measures 13.5ft long and features a sturdy steel frame and classic aluminum paneling as clearly reflected from its outer body.

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The iconic vehicle was shown to carry Bond from Willard Whyte’s space Centre in a chase across the Nevada desert and is now set to be sold alongside a range of other Hollywood memorabilia at a US auction on September 25 and 26. Other profound merchandise on sale includes the space shuttle model from 1979’s Moonraker, four (fake) gold bars from Goldfinger, and Pierce Brosnan’s exploding pen in Goldeneye. Fancy buying Bond’s moon buggy?

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