The worlds most expensive fish was sold for a record-breaking $1.8M

Seafood lovers can go depths(literally) to find their favorite fish and testimony to this fact is a recent sale held in Japan, wherein the premium variety of the Koi Carp fish was sold for a whopping 1.8 million. Yup, that’s right! The auction took place in Hiroshima with the winning bid going to a Taiwanese woman named Miss Yingying.

Named S Legend, the subject of sale measures 3ft 3ins long and is an infamous red and white in color. It is said to have belonged to the Kohaku variety and is the most recognizable among the many varieties of carp that can be bought. The exclusive fish, bred by fisher named Kentaro Sakai was part of the tense battle that lasted hours before the Carp finally selling for a record-breaking price of 203 million yen. Miss Yingyang who took the winning bid will further breed the unique fish which has the potential produce up to 500,000 eggs, of which no more than 5,000 will be of the right quality to sell.

Commenting on the record-breaking sale – British Koi expert Tim Waddington stated, “This is a record price paid for a single Koi Carp. At 101cm it is very large and from the favored Kohaku variety” He further added, “People in the Koi carp world are very excited by the sale as it is an incredible price for a single fish. The previous best price was around £400,000. It really is a crazy world.” Well, we quite agree with that last bit!


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