Tall and Stunning – Take a look at these 6 under construction skyscrapers that will change the skyline of New York forever

The most developed countries in the world have a few things in common – one of which happens to be stunning infrastructures. And to advance such of its architectural capabilities, the United States is all set to lodge seven mind-boggling skyscrapers in different parts of the country. Although the states needn’t be put on the map, buildings like these are sure to create headlines for the continent of America.

From New York to Manhattan, these breathtaking towers feature impeccable aesthetics and a sense of grandeur, so strong that it can easily put many other countries not just to shame but in an infrastructural dearth of sorts. Here’s a peek into the seven upcoming and the most promising skyscrapers to be built in the United States:

6) One Manhattan West – (Height-995ft, Floors-67, year of completion – 2019): The newest on the block by Brookfield Properties, One Manhattan West is designed to stand 67-stories tall and bring 2.1 million square feet of office space to the Hudson Yards area. The swanky tower is designed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill and raring to become the tallest of its kind in Manhattan West. The 995-foot tall structure is also expected to receive the coveted LEED-Gold status soon. The grand building is anticipated to open door in late 2019 or early 2020.

5) 9 DeKalb Avenue – (Height-1066ft, Floors-73, year of completion – 2020): Developed jointly by JDS Development and the Chetrit Group, 9 DeKalb Avenue is the new supertall to grace Downtown Brooklyn in the coming year or two. The 1,066-foot-tall tower will be built in place of the former Dime Savings Bank Building, with much of its base being retained and incorporated into the design. Apart from almost 100,000 square feet of retail space, the luxe tower will also house 500 rental apartments.

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4) 45 Broad Street – (Height-1200ft, Floors-68, year of completion – 2021): Developed by Madison Equities, Pizzarotti LLC, and AMS Acquisitions along with the architectural finesse of CetraRuddy, 45 Broad Street is by far the swankiest building to grace the Lower Manhattan skyline. The yet to be built tower will measure 1,115-foot-tall and will have 407,477 gross square feet of residential area, 62,006 GSF of commercial-retail use, and 93,894 square feet reserved for a school. The filigree patterned tower also will become the area’s second tallest skyscraper behind One World Trade Center.

3) One Vanderbilt – (Height-1,401ft, Floors-58, year of complition-2021): Next in line after the Empire State Building and One World Trade is the upcoming One Vanderbilt. Under construction in Midtown East rezoning area, the skyscraper will be 1,401-foot tall on completion and will become the second tallest of its kind in the city. The development project is the largest of its kind and is most awaited for its observation deck, that will be set more than 1,000 feet above the ground. One Vanderbilt is expected to be built by the end of 2021.

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2) 111 West 57th Street – (Height-1,428ft, Floors-82, year of completion – 2019): Under construction in Manhattan’s posh midtown neighborhood, the 111 West 57th Street is New York’s take on all things grands and luxurious. Designed to accommodate 60 units alone, the luxe tower will showcase intricate Terra Cotta works, glazed pilasters and breathtaking architectural designs. As for the icing on the cake, inhabitants will be blessed with stunning views city and the nearby Central Park through the structure’s detailed glass walls.

1) Central Park Tower – (Height-1,550ft, Floors-95, year of completion – 2020): This 95-storey tower is designed by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill who are most famed for the creation of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Central Park Tower will occupy 1.2 million square feet in total, with 695,200 square feet dedicated to residential use, 50,000 square feet for amenities, and 300,000 square feet for Nordstrom’s Manhattan flagship store. The outstanding building is also touted to be the tallest building in the country by roof height and the second tallest building in the country by parapet.

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