M F Husain, India’s highest paid painter buys a Bentley by swiping his credit card

The Qatari artist of Indian origin, who dares to walk bare feet drives around in a fleet of luxurious cars like a Bentley, a couple of Jaguars, a Mercedes, a Ferrari and Rolls Royce. However, the most impressive speeding beast in M F Husain’s garage is the Bugatti Veyron. It is one of only five in the Middle East and bears his initials on the headrest. Well, if this hasn’t impressed you, then read on to identify with the painter who bought his Bentley by swiping his credit card. The word is that he walked into the Bentley showroom, picked a car, wanted it instantly, and paid for it with a swipe of his credit card. Senior managers rushed out of their cabins to see who this person was, considering even the sheiks of Arabia pay via installment. Touted as the “Picasso of India,” Husain currently resides in Dubai but is all set to move to Doha, on the behest of Qatar’s Sheikha Mosa.

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A herd of forty horses also signifies his love for leading a luxurious lifestyle and that he is certainly very wealthy. A single canvas of India’s highest-paid painter has fetched up to $2 million at Christie’s auction. Now you know where the money comes from?

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