Michael Jackson’s Personal Wedding Rug to remember the time

MJ is a deleb (read dead celeb) who keeps raking in the moolah. But he was quite significant even when he was alive and maybe that’s the reason he commands the respect of his fans and collectors alike. The historic union between the King of Pop with the princess of rock-n-roll Lisa Marie Presley in May 1994 might not have been everlasting, but a custom-created rug by artist Keith Collins has made it memorable. The rug currently at the Neverland estate the rug has a 3D effect thanks to all the shades and textures infused in the design. The rug made with woven carpet is 7 feet and 10 inches high and 6feet 3inches in width. For $15,000, along with the rug a letter of documentation from the artist Keith Collins will also be shipped out.

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