Armed chair a valuable addition to your home theatre

Sybarite indicates a person devoted to pleasure and luxury. Sybaris is a European-design inspired, luxury electric reclining chair specifically designed for watching movies. Incorporating a motion simulation system, this comfy and funky Armed chair by Sybaris replicates movie motion effects and makes you feel that you are in the midst of all the action! The motion chair is available in 83 different colors and in 2 leather finishes. The company offers 500 movies to choose from that are programmed for use with armed chair motion simulators – Finding Nemo, Top Gun, King Kong, Toy Story, Lord of Rings, Spiderman, Gladiator… to name some of them.

The high-tech chair uses a motion controller, advanced software, movie motion control codes, and powerful actuators to bounce you around depending on the action onscreen. Its super-strong motor system is capable of lifting up to 600lbs and achieving a maximum acceleration of 2Gs.
With Armed Chair you can take part in exciting adventures, feel the adrenaline rush of your favorite hero and be part of the whole movie experience.
Overpriced, the 2x version of the armed chair is retailed for $11,999 and the 3x version for $14,999.

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