Damien Hirst ‘s colorful plastic skull is on sale at Tate gift shop

If you thought punk has died, then you certainly haven’t seen Damien Hirst’s work. On exhibition now for those who have a strong stomach, fans can catch several of Hirst’s work all in one place. So what can you expect? Artworks showing shark suspended in formeldahyde, bisected animals and spin paintings are all on display. The star of the show is For The Love Of God, a human skull set in platinum and 8,601 diamonds. However, if you insist on taking a skull back home, check out the limited-edition plastic skull tagged as Hallucinatory Head, coated with “household gloss” paint. Limited to 50 units, each is priced at £36,800 ($59,000).

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Other disturbing art exhibited include A Thousand Years (1990), which shows flies coming from maggots feeding on a rotting cow’s head, the Horror at Home (1995), sporting an oversized ashtray filled with cigarette butts, In And Out Of Love (1991) showing butterflies feeding on fruit bowls.
If you want to take a piece of Hirst home that can be arranged too, just head over to the gift shop. So what can you splurge on? There is a 12 china plates set priced at £10,500 ($16,835), a spotted skateboard for £480 ($770), a deckchair for £310 ($500), a butterfly-print umbrella for £195 ($315), and butterfly-print wallpaper priced at £700 ($1,120) a roll.

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