Geniol Fireplace Edition to add warmth to your decor

It is a trend these days for the apartments to be compact. While definitely cozy, it leaves little room for the finer things in life, like a fireplace. And everyone knows that it’s impossible to impress a lady without a fireplace and a fur rug! So for the forthcoming winters, we bring to you this exclusive Geniol Fireplace Edition, almost as awe-inspiring as the Olympic Flame. The 100 cm high cylindrical glass body of the fireplace with the higher off the ground flame is an unusual lighting object for entertaining both in private homes and public venues. The centerpiece of this glass object is a stainless steel construction, which is attached to the sides of the glass cylinder with screws but gives the impression of floating in the air.

The fireplace comes with a furnace chamber, the cover of which has a log-fire pattern that gives the rising flames an interesting shape to mesmerize the on-lookers. It can be moved effortlessly and you don’t need a chimney or an extractor and it is fuelled by standard fuel paste for indoor use. This irregular pattern gives the rising flames an interesting shape and catches the eye even when the hearth is not in use. Add warmth to your abode trendily for $1800.

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