The Prado collection…irresistible for the ones with good taste!

With designers coming up with innovative ideas in furniture and interior designs like never before you can only get confused and more confused when it comes to making a sound decision. Let the confusion take a backseat as the master of sophistication and simplicity, by the name of Tribu gives you the benefit of owning the ultra-classy contemporary outdoor furniture called the Prado collection. One thing is for sure that with such fine-looking outdoor furniture in your backyard or pool area you would never wanna go indoors and rightly so!

The Prado collection is finished in a thick wove pattern for a smooth textured surface. Its pale blond color is ideal for smaller spaces as it makes the area look bigger than it actually is. It comes with very comfy and soft angles cushions that will give you a good backrest as you laze around! The geometric design is classy, elegant, and stunning enough to make geometry your favorite subject! An amazing blend of aesthetics and comfort!

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