The Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand

Do you need a TV stand? Check this one out. The Wenge Hi-Fi TV stand from Anorahome is worth a look. Styled with neat and simple lines the mount for the TV is made from Wenge wood, that is actually a sandwich of two slabs that allows ample storeage space your CDs and DVDs. Complementing any LCD or Plasma TV, the Wenge stand will add definition to your room. The simple aluminium base is sturdy enough to hold all the things through. The sleek horizontal frosted glass shelves are good for holding any other device that you would want to connect to your TV. The swiveling TV panel allows you to view the TV from your favourite corner in the room. A unique blend of metal and wood, the stand will look handsome in any room.

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There is no word about the pricing for Anorahome’s Wenge Hi-Fi TV Stand, but one things for sure: good things in life don’t come cheap!