According to a Savile Row tailor this is how you can get the Don Draper look

Yes, it can be tricky … so an expert tells STYLE how you can smarten up and look the part in a well-cut two-piece suit

Every man has occasions that are only suit-able – whether they are board meetings, cocktail dinners, alma mater gatherings, weddings or meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

Tired, poorly tailored suits are more detrimental to your sense of style than wearing a Gap T-shirt and jeans combo, as they show that you’re trying – but simply not doing it right.

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It’s tricky, we know. So STYLE asked an expert from London’s Savile Row – the world’s most famous street for tailors of bespoke suits and dressmakers creating gowns for the British royals – how to customise a suit to make you look as sharp and charming as the well-tailored Don Draper, from the Mad Men television series, or 007 himself, James Bond.

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Note – This story was originally published on SCMP and has been republished on this website.