Decentraland to host its first-ever metaverse fashion week

If you’re an NFT enthusiast or have newly taken to the virtual art world, here’s some news for you! In pleasing fans, 3D virtual platform Decentraland has launched the first Metaverse Fashion Week while taking fashion a step forward into the future!

The MFW will be publicly available across the globe on March 24, with no ticket necessary. It will give Fashion labels and investors a chance to purchase digital land to host shows, concerts, and after-parties- all in the metaverse!

Further, as stated by, attendees will have the option to purchase digital wearables from brands for their customizable avatars via an Ethereum wallet. Some collections will further be available for physical purchases as well.

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Commenting on it, Sam Hamilton, creative director of Decentraland Foundation, in an interview with Vogue Business, said, “We want to help the onboarding process and push creativity and show everyone what is possible. We do this to show the community and other brands.”

He further added, “Hey, Decentraland is a place for shopping; everyone is wearing cool clothes, and brands can release on the platform. It’s a way of bringing more people to the platform and making it more compelling for users.”

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Remarking similarly, Giovanna Casimiro, head of Metaverse Fashion Week (in a statement to dezeen), noted, “MVFW will be accessible to anyone and everyone across the globe. One of the drawbacks of traditional fashion shows is that they are too restrictive to the average person, almost always being invite-only. MVFW will be free, and obviously, as it will be digital, all you will need to attend is a computer and an internet connection.”

Well, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

[Via: Dezeen]

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