Make way for swimming pool swagger with Supreme x Speedo swim cap and goggles

Supreme is back! This time it’s got Speedo for company. Not too long ago the streetwear brand encouraged us to get cycling as it released a coveted Retro 1995 BMX Dirt Bike. This time with Speedo in tow they are trying to get us to plunge into that pool with all our swagger on! The pandemic had left us high and dry both physically and economically which is why we may not need these summer accessories but being the hopeless hopefuls that we are it’s better to stock up for the future. Thanks to Supreme‘s Summer 2020 accessories- a pair of swimming goggles and caps our future is more or less certain, around a pool, looking too cool for school! The collaboration was announced on Instagram, the only place on Earth where all the action takes place, through a video showing someone wearing the cap and goggles submerged in the bathtub trying to breathe underwater. The person eventually rises up from his home breathing experiment. Whether the announcement impresses you or not the accessories surely will. The goggles feature an adjustable elastic strap emblazoned with Supreme’s red box logo in a continuous pattern. The swim cap is the surprise they dropped; Two caps in both red and black are part of the collection and emblazoned with the streetwear brand’s logo alongside its co-collaborators.

The Supreme x Speedo goggles are going to sell for a staggering $88, while the swim cap is more economically priced at $24. The accessories will available through Supreme’s online as well as recently reopened physical stores.

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