New York didn’t make it to top 10 cities that shop the most in US

That’s right! If you were thinking of heading to the same old boutiques on Fifth Avenue you may want to know where the real deals are going down. According to a new research released on atBundle, shoppers across America are switching their loyalties to new cities and spending their money at places you wouldn’t have expected. On the basis of actual shopping data collected by a third party for the time period of March 2010 to March 2011, the top 100 cities to sell clothes, shoes and other garments made up quite a surprising list. To find out exactly how much money was spent in each city and which one got first place for its overall shopping experience, read on. Check the top ten cities to shop at in the US after the jump

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10. Bakersfield, CA ($201.50/month)
9. Austin, TX ($213/month)
8. Seattle, WA ($221.17/month)
7. San Jose, CA ($221.17/month)
6. San Francisco, CA ($227.42/month)
5. Dallas, TX ($228.58/month)
4. Scottsdale, AZ ($243.17/month)
3. Nashville, TN ($251.17/month)
2. Arlington, VA ($254.58/month)
1. Washington, DC ($263/month)
Surprised? With New York and California not making the list maybe it’s time you changed plans and headed out of town for a successful weekend shopping adventure.

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