Di Vapor Victoria makes you feel completely refreshed

Steam showers are well known for their relaxing properties and provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Only if I could afford them at home! I know that a daily steam shower session can really melt away stress and lighten the toxic burden on your body, revitalizing and enlivening it. If you’ve got the dough to own this luxury at home then you must go for the Victoria from Di Vapor. The Victoria is a stylishly modern, designer luxury steam shower (operates as a steam room, or a shower, or both at the same time) which is grabbing a lot of attention of late. It is simple to install and use and contains the latest cutting edge steam shower technologies including a touch-sensitive control panel, similar to the iPod, which controls such features as the hydro massage body jets and the inbuilt radio.

The Victoria encompasses a finish of solid oak shelving with 3 glass sides to create that designer, modern style whilst maintaining a high degree of quality. It comes complete with an overhead rainfall shower, a handheld shower on a slide rail, aromatherapy capability, and seating for one. It also integrates a thermostatic valve to ensure your safety. But all this soaking luxury for a swelling price of £2495 ($5,000).