A Chinese startup has created an incredibly smart robot that can walk up and down the stairs, talk with you, give you massages and even pour you a drink.

Look who is walking the walk at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021- Ubtech’s new generation service robot Walker X. Way beyond walking this robot is flexing its phenomenal progress by bending its body backward like a yogi. Ubtech launched Walker X world at WAIC2021 after creating several versions in five years. The latest, upgraded Walker X can do many more on-site functions such as going up a flight of stairs, going down slopes, playing chess, and visual positioning navigation.

The most commendable improvement is witnessed in Walker X’s technological advancements in gait planning and control. Not only is the robot much steadier, but it can also pull off compliant force control massage, fast walking, single-leg balance, and walking on uneven ground. Thanks to Walker x’s 41 high-performance servo joints, his dexterous limbs, coupled with multi-dimensional force perception, make the above physical functions possible. He is also equipped with multi-eye stereo vision, omnidirectional hearing, inertia, ranging, and other omnidirectional perception systems. With the pandemic leaving many people lonely and alone, these contraptions have started to make a lot more sense. They don’t have to fear infections; They can help around the house by serving drinks, providing massages to calm human stress and anxiety, and can be a companion to play a game of chess now and then.

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Walker X can be great company for people who live alone and are forced to distance themselves further from human contact owing to pandemics. Currently, Walker X is 1.30m tall and weighs 63kg with improved flexibility and stability, which is more suitable for home service scenarios.

It can now perform tasks like autonomously controlling refrigerators, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, and other home appliances; with the help of end-compliant control technology. Walker X can also manage chores like screwing the cap, serving tea, and pouring water. The built-in native 28+ robot emotion system allows Walker X to interact with you empathetically for those who lack a friend.

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[Via: Xinhua]

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