A Million Dollar Jewelry PC by Moneual Lab

Even if it is dubbed as the Jewelry Pc, it will fall short to impress and allure most of the affluent geeks. The only opulent elements are the real diamonds and other precious jewels other than the impressive price tag. Moneual Lab announced three jewelry PC systems built for a few valuable customers and one of them, Moneual Renaissance is likely to cost one million dollars! Jewelry designer, Lee Buckingham has joined this project to come out with three different luxurious jewelry designs. The enclosures are covered with the most expensive blue Sapphires, Topazes, Rubies, Diamonds, and other gemstones. The Renaissance system in 18K white and yellow gold is decorated with fine Rubies on the front panel of the system. The million dollars system features an AMD Athlon64 FX processor, 8GB SAMSUNG system memories, 2 terra byte HDD (RAID), blue-ray drive, a silent cooling fan from Zalman, a digital home motherboard from ASUS, HDMI capable graphics card from AMD-ATI, two PCI HDTV cards from SIGMACOM, and Windows Vista Ultimate Edition from Microsoft.

The second system, Baroque ( in18K gold), is decorated with blue Sapphires on the front panel of the system and the system specifications are the same as above. The third system, Rococo (in 18K yellow and white gold), is decorated with diamonds on the front panel of the system. The company suggests that it may also make 100 additional PCs, encrusted with semi-precious stones, possibly at around $30,000 each. In addition, another three value models ($15,000.00) are currently being developed to further meet the requirements of PC enthusiasts. Is anybody interested?

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