At $250,000, the world’s best home theater also helps to host a Laser Light Show

If you love movies, but hate the crowds, or just have a lot of friends and want them to have the best home theater experience, all you need is a lot of space, and a heart big enough to spend $250,000. What will you get in this home theater system you ask? Well a 174-inch screen, a 200-pound ultrahigh-performance projector, a ceiling filled with stars, and chairs with glass cup holders, set to glow using LED lights. Designed by Jeffrey Smith of theater designer First Impressions Theme Theaters, the theater also supports a programmed 7-minute LED based light show.

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To make the room sound proof, the theater comes with a 350-pound, 3.5-inch thick door made out of veneer and layers of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), limp-mass sound barrier and fiberglass material.