Check out this Underwater scooter that lets you sashay beneath the waters in style

Adventure seekers know the thrill of waters too well. From gliding on the oceans, to diving in the seas and the rafting on the rivers, an aquatic life presents a sense of fun that’s hard to find on land. And in making for more exciting water times, tech company Hoverstar is all to launch the H2 AquaJet Dive, an underwater scooter that is luxe beyond belief.

With a unique design and undeniably good aesthetics, the H2 comes shaped like a manta ray that is ready to take on the waters in style. It’s two wings propel control, stability and balance, with the right edge enabling speed monitoring and the left one aiding thrust to the vehicle. To maneuver around with the H2, one simply needs to strap on top of its wings and glide along in the direction of one’s choice. The exclusive scooter comes with three different speed options (with the highest being 5.6mph) and an 800-watt battery that powers it for 100 minutes on full charge.

Along with casual underwater dips, the H2 can also be used by professional scuba divers to get around their business more quickly. It also makes skimming atop water surfaces and waves a fun possibility. Currently in prototype stage, the AquaJet is available in three colors – black, blue, and white, for a worthy price of $900.

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