Get mahogany iWood for your iPhone!

This is a great piece of dope for those people who own the iPhone by Apple. Storage can and possibly is the concern that tops the charts of your concern-list for your iPhone. And the very comprehending company Miniot has done just that; Understood that safety is what we really would love for our iPhone. They have come out with a very handsome looking Miniot iWood mahogany case for the newly released Apple iPhone. It looks splendid and very desirable it not only enhances the looks it also provides great security. That’s what I call hitting two birds with one stone! It goes without saying that they have chosen the finest quality mahogany which will keep you company for long so that satisfies the quality conscious. It will not be a hindrance to using your phone in any way as it has holes for the headphones, camera, and dock connector and the iPhone does not need to be removed.

The screen will also be exposed but only to be covered with a polycarbonate sheet which will protect the screen and give it the final touch of security. The cherry on the cake is the possibility of engraving your case with a personal message or logo on your iWood. Keep your phone safe till July and then you can feel free!

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