KEF fivetwo Series- Sound effect of five in two

KEF has incorporated everything that’s been learned in forty-five innovative years of award-winning high-end loudspeaker design into its five-two series. Instead of the usual array of five speakers and a subwoofer, the system creates a holographic sound field with just a pair of exotic-looking speakers and a solid subwoofer. Its two speakers sound surprisingly spacious! The surround sound effect is achieved by using side-facing SurfaceSound panels by NXT, coupled with drivers that KEF calls Uni-Q. Those side-firing SurfaceSound panels create left and right ambient effects, while the Uni-Q drivers deliver the left, center, and right channels upfront. The effect is certainly impressive, with pin-sharp dialogue and extraordinary surround effects. KEF’s five-two Uni-Q technology disperses sound around the room so well that you can sit anywhere to enjoy the optimum surround experience.

You can choose from a seven driver stand/wall-mount (Model 7) or an eleven driver floor-stander (Model 11). Both models have the looks and finish demanded by the modern consumer and will grace any home. Available this fall, the seven-driver Model 7 will be $1143 per pair (£600) and the eleven-speaker Model 11 pictured here will be $2097 per pair (£1,100). Their cool euro design and the fact that you only need two of them instead of a roomful of speakers appealed to a lot of music aficionados at the 2006 IFA in Berlin.

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