Mini Cooper is styled into a high-tech entertainment console

Men love two things for sure, gadgets and cars. And then some men think that it just too many things to love, so they combine the two. While gaming chairs, F1 style comfort and other such branded things are all available readily, making them from scratch is a lot more fun. Ask designer David Gawthorpe who spent two years doing just that. He decide to combine his entertainment gadgets into a char made from a front of his black Mini Cooper, and how! The system is actually a multi-function console chair, neatly tucked under the Mini Cooper’s hood.

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Apart from a chilled beer dispenser, the chair houses a remote controlled smoke machine, iPod dock and headphones, the 500-watt amplifier, strobes and laser. The chair will be retailed at a neat £8,000 ($12,930) through a London entrepreneur who bought the concept through a reality TV show on which it was featured.
[Metro and YorkshireEveningPost]

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