Most Expensive Collector’s Edition video game, at $388,207 it comes with a Custom Zombie Proof Home

Hardcore (and hard working) gamers know that it’s important to have some major cash-stash stored away for those special/limited edition games when they launch. But for this one, they’re going to have to break the bank and or rob it blind! Techland’s most ambitious game to date – Dying Light – has been delayed for quite some time with no real explanation. That hasn’t stopped its popularity from rising since it’s been available for at least a month now as a digital download. So to make it up to the gamers waiting patiently for the console editions to arrive, Techland and GAME have teamed up to launch a very special, very (very) expensive and detailed collector’s edition of the game.

Dubbed ‘My Apocalypse’, the collector’s edition set of the game is literally one of a kind as it’s going to be the only one in existence and thus, the outrageous price of $388,207 (£250,000) might not seem so bad for top-tier collectors. It even beats the Grid 2: Mono Edition that was apriced at a whopping $192,000!

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So if you’d like to know just what that very heavy price tag will include, here you go –

· A Custom built Dying Light Zombie Home by Tiger Log Cabins that is apparently “Zombie Proof” (we have no idea how that can be verified)

· Zombie avoidance Parkour lessons with Ampisound, the guys from Dying Light Parkour POV video

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· A trip to Techland, Wroclaw, Poland, where you’d get to meet the guys behind the game

· A face skinned onto your Night Hunter character model

· Dying Light branded night vision goggles

· 4 signed SteelBox editions of the game so you can play with your three closest buddies in co-op

· 2 top of the line Razer Tiamat headphones

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· A human-sized Volatile figurine to scare off intruders

A few more items are tacked on as well and we’re still wondering if you consider all of the above to be worthy of the price. The special collector’s edition will be up for pre-order tomorrow and the game should be out very soon after. So if you’re planning a major jewelry heist or bank robbery, you better do it quick. It’s either that or take out a second (or third, as the case may be) mortgage on your home.

[Via – Gamespot]