SHOCK! Magnum Chrome Case for Nintendo DS Lite

Pimp your DS lite in this Magnum Chrome hue and feel the difference. Shock! Magnum Chrome has created a copper-nickel-chrome electroplated replacement shell that will change the look of this Nintendo gaming thingamabob. I also agree with the saying that goes – if everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other. And I’d do just anything to stand out of the crowd……..with respect to my DS Lite especially. Designed to resist scratches, bumps, and dings, this Magnum Chrome replacement shell will require a few tools, a few minutes of your time, and a bit of concentration.

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The ConsoleShop sells the Shock! Magnum Chrome shell for $40 and if you want to replace the interior with a black matte finish, you can do so for an additional $30. Ouch, that’s a bit more for ‘standing out of the crowd’! Till you figure out your budget of the month, I’ll get back to my Super Mario Bros game.

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