This smartphone controlled case will use ozone power to santise your clothes from bacteria and viruses

Do you remember us writing about the $1500 Samsung AirDresser? A wardrobe that will automatically clean your clothes? Something else on similar lines called Pura-Case is a portable wardrobe purifier by Carlo Ratti associati for tech startup scribit. It is making a foray into our lives to give us an idea of what the new normal demands. This battery-powered wardrobe purifier eliminates most micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses from clothes by using ozone. It takes no brainiac to guess that our obsession with remaining virus-free will continue for many years to come and a contraption like the Pura-Case is more than helpful. The portable case can be placed in a hallway or inside a closet and will be made from recycled fibers, which will be coated to keep the ozone inside the case during the sanitization process. Once a piece of garment is hung inside the case, an air purification system by ozone treatment cleans and deodorizes the fabrics. Viruses or bacteria can survive on clothes for long periods but thanks to the technology used in Pura-Case, ozone sterilizes clothes without using water for washing and saves water wastage too. It is a very efficient machine as an estimated 98 percent of micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses from the user’s clothes and fabric can be sanitized within one hour.

The project is currently developed as a prototype; the Pura-case will be soon launched on Kickstarter for those who are interested.

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[Via: Designboom]

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