Banksy artwork paying tribute to healthcare workers appears at a UK hospital

Coronavirus changed the world for good. We have started valuing life, little things, and everybody around us. While life hasn’t changed in a while for us our notions certainly have. We no longer take a walk in the park casually, we value good food, and the good company even more. We know who our real-life heroes are and we will be forever grateful to them; the doctors and nurses around the world who didn’t fly, didn’t wear a cape but they sure did save the world! Mysterious street artist Banksy has expressed similar emotion by donating a painting to England’s Southampton General Hospital in an effort to raise the spirits of medical professionals working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. The large monochrome painting measuring one square meter in size shows a young boy playing with a superhero nurse doll complete with a mask and apron bearing the Red Cross symbol, and a cape fluttering behind her. What also catches attention is the waste bin in the background where the child has discarded superhero figurines of Spiderman and Batman. It depicts that even children understand the sacrifice and contribution of health workers in saving the world and helping us survive the pandemic. The nurse’s arm is outstretched and pointing forward in the fashion of Superman on a mission. She is wearing a facemask, a nurse’s cap, and an apron with the Red Cross emblem that stands out in color.

The artist left a note with the special delivery, titled game changer, which read: “Thanks for all you’re doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white.” The work will remain on view in a foyer near the emergency department after which it’ll go up for auction to raise money for the National Health Service.

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[Via: BBC]

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