Italy may get the worlds first ‘vegetarian city’

Italy is famous for its meats of all kinds… from Salami, Soppressata, Prosciutto, Pepperoni and more. Beef and Pork are big in Italy there’s no denying that. So what happens when the Mayor of a city decides to promote vegetarianism in her city? Recently elected Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino is doing just that. Her goal — to turn Turin into Italy’s first vegetarian city by making the promotion of vegan and vegetarian diets a “priority”. Ms. Appendino is also a rising star in the Five Star Movement, a populist, anti-corruption movement known for its environmental values.

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We don’t really know how she’s going to manage this feat given that Turin is home to a number of traditional meat dishes such as ‘bollito misto’ and ‘brasato al barolo’. There is hope however as the city has seen many vegetarian restaurants open over the last few years. Some 30 odd vegetarian restaurants have sprung up so this is a move in the right direction we say. While there may not be many who see eye to eye with the Mayor, vegetarianism is definitely on the rise in Turin. We are definitely keeping a watch on how this turns out…

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