The Macallan has unveiled a remarkable collaboration with Stella and Mary McCartney, showcasing luxurious lifestyle accessories, the third edition of The Harmony Collection, and a captivating Amber Meadow installation at the Rosewood London.

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The world always looks forward to a toast, and this time it’s for The Macallan. A deep affinity for the natural world has prompted the world’s most renowned and respected single-malt Scotch whisky brand to collaborate with Stella and Mary McCartney. The collection, titled “Together: A Collection for The Macallan by Stella and Mary McCartney”, is a limited-edition set of 11 lifestyle pieces designed by the daughters of Paul McCartney and skillfully realized by master artisans. The range features elegant glass tumblers, a glass water jug, an ice bucket, a ceramic flask, and three ceramic bowls.

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Additionally, there are six ceramic coasters, a brass tray, a lambswool blanket, and limited edition brass framed prints. This collaboration is a first for Stella and Mary, blending their creative genius with cherished memories of Scotland, a sanctuary of comfort and nostalgia. The partnership evokes memories of their Scottish home on the west coast and moments shared at The Macallan Estate.

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The exquisite collection encapsulates the beauty of pristine forests, the sea, expansive landscapes, and the majesty of the River Spey. Indeed, the magic of The Macallan intertwined with The McCartneys is a sight to behold. This collection is available exclusively as a complete set in limited numbers starting today.

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Mary McCartney commented, “This range wouldn’t have its unique essence if we hadn’t spent quality time at The Macallan. I felt immense pride introducing my younger sister to The Macallan Estate in Speyside, confident that Stella would be as enchanted as I was. We consider ourselves fortunate to launch our inaugural collaboration with The Macallan.”

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Stella McCartney further added, “We, The Macallan, Mary, and I, aimed to craft a collection that echoed the pinnacle of material quality and exceptional craftsmanship, resonating with the shared principles we hold dear. We envisioned limited yet harmonious pieces that would be a statement in homes, signifying utmost quality.”

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The dynamic duo also partnered with The Macallan for the third edition of The Harmony Collection. This release pays tribute to the enchanting lands of Scotland with two distinct expressions: The Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow and Green Meadow. The McCartney sisters’ adoration for Scotland shines through, especially in the presentation boxes and bottle labels crafted from discarded meadow cuttings. Each release’s packaging showcases the photography of The Macallan Estate, captured by the accomplished photographer and filmmaker Mary McCartney.

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The courtyard of the Rosewood London. Image – Macallan.

The Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow entices with notes of rich orange, lemon, honeysuckle, vanilla, coconut, and ripe barley fields. Conversely, Green Meadow offers a refreshing blend with aromas of fresh orange, lemon, wild primrose, petrichor, honeydew melon, and bluebells. Celebrating the launch of The Macallan Harmony Collection Amber Meadow, Rosewood London’s iconic courtyard has been transformed into a mesmerizing Scottish meadow adorned with authentic foliage, a babbling brook, a stone archway, and dry-stone walls. This enchanting setting will be unveiled to the public on 11 October, concurrent with the collection’s release.

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