Get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime! Railbookers unveils the $114,000 80-day ‘Around the World by Luxury Train’ adventure.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

Is there any end to wanderlust? Perhaps the answer lies for those travelers who book themselves on Railbookers’ astounding 80-day journey, “Around the World by Luxury Train.” This unique itinerary redefines living life out of a suitcase. It takes explorers across four continents and through 13 countries, showcasing the finest collection of luxury rail trains and hotels. Railbookers has announced that shorter versions of the itinerary will commence next year. However, this year is dedicated to the adventurers.

A suite onboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Image – Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

“The journey begins in Vancouver, then sweeps through European capitals and charming cities such as Budapest, Edinburgh, Florence, London, Paris, Rome, and Venice,” Railbookers shared. “Air connections will enable travelers to discover Delhi, Mumbai, and Istanbul in Asia, as well as the African gems of Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.” Fortunate travelers and train aficionados will experience the Rovos Rail in South Africa, the legendary Maharajas’ Express in India, Singapore’s Eastern & Oriental Express, Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, the Golden Eagle Danube Express, the Belmond Royal Scotsman, and the lavish Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. “Between these memorable train journeys, our guests will enjoy luxurious hotel stays in some of the world’s most renowned cities,” the company added.

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Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer

“Recognizing a trend where travelers wish to combine multiple luxury train experiences, we’ve curated this itinerary. Additionally, we offer smaller, customizable journeys that highlight these iconic trains, a testament to our industry-leading luxury rail collection,” stated Frank Marini, the President and CEO. “What’s even better is that after the train segment, Railbookers takes care of hotel bookings, sightseeing, transfers, and more, offering a seamless one-call solution for our clients.”

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Is there a more magnificent way to witness the world in all its splendor? Doubtful! The “Around the World by Luxury Train” day-to-day itinerary comes at a price tag of $113,599 per person.


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