Straight from New York – A $1,500 Ice cream sundae which is the most expensive in the world

Ice cream might very well be the world’s favorite dessert – as the saying goes, we all scream for ice cream! But one ice cream in particular is tickling the fancy of wealthy gourmands in NYC: the Bear Extraordinaire at Baccarat Hotel New York in Manhattan. What’s so special about this frozen treat? With a price tag of $1,500, this ice cream Sundae is being touted as the most expensive ice cream in the world.

The priciest ice creams always seem to be vanilla flavored, this one uses imported vanilla beans from Madagascar. Created by pastry chef Rosario Wakabayashi, the sundae magic continues as the ice cream is covered with a chocolate shell that is in turn painted with cocoa butter. The chocolate covered ice cream is placed on a bed of black truffle crumble which is comprised of black truffle mixed with high-end 64 percent Manjari dark chocolate and Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs. A further luxurious touch is added by the hibiscus champagne sauce and citrus meringue. Even the decorative elements like fondant butterflies, spun sugar, and gold and silver leafing come together to create a one-of-a-kind dessert.

The most expensive element however is the container in which the dessert is served. It is a clear Baccarat “Zoo Bear” crystal bowl, comprised of a porcelain base and crystal cover with a bear shaped handle. This bowl is worth $1,200 and diners can take it with them as a keepsake. You can also order a significantly cheaper version of the ice cream sundae without the crystal bowl for just $300.


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