Do you suffer from gadget addiction? This Japanese gadget is your best cure

I’m one of those that falls victim to distractions when I have a task at hand; that’s possibly one of the reasons I consider social media to be such a bane. My hand automatically reaches for my phone, causing it to be a nuisance.

Trust the Japanese to formulate a solution for our most trivial dilemmas. Meet Ryogo Matsumaru, the inventor of a container that locks up all your devices for a time frame, decided by you of course; perhaps the perfect gift for me.

Game controller? Phone? Simply lock up all your distractions in the container, engross yourself into your work and unclose it after the timer is up. Honestly, the container can only be opened with a hammer before time, so it does fix this impending issue.

Granted, with willpower you can avoid this $211 purchase on Amazon Japan, but that depends on you; although if you have the cash to spare and a wavering mind, this product is possibly the best there is.


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