No worries if you don’t have the car. Now you can buy Bentley Honey

After successfully rolling out luxury cars for over decades, Bentley is now set to produce and distribute exclusive honey decanters amongst its staff and a few lucky VIP guests. Yes, that’s right! The automobile giant plans to extract the sweet content from two of its hives that were recently planted on the brand’s campus in Crewe and have it dispensed off soon thereafter in exclusively designed jars.

The project is put in place to utilize the first harvest and contribute towards the local biodiversity in the region. Commenting on it, Peter Bosch, Bentley’s board member for manufacturing, in a statement said, “We installed our first Bentley bee-hives earlier this year as a way to use our expansive site in Crewe to contribute to local biodiversity,” He further added, “Our beekeepers have seen the bees bringing in a wide range of pollens from the wild flowers we’ve planted on our site and the local countryside. This is a great sign that the location is working well and has helped make the first harvest so productive…We’re delighted that the initial stage of this project has been a success and we’re looking at installing more hives and increasing the amount of Bentley honey we can produce next year.”

As part of the process, each frame of honeycomb will be spun in an extractor, after which the honey will be carefully drained and filtered before being filled into individual jars. True to the brand’s penchant for luxury, the packaging of the Bentley Honey will showcase great attention to detail with a label created by Bentley interior designer Louise McCallum. Well, here’s hoping for the Bentley Honey to hit the markets soon!

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