Only in Dubai – A beach resort is selling a $800 Truffle pizza

Via Instagram / @viatoledo_dubai

If you’re used to eating pizzas under $10, this news may be a little too hard for you to digest. However, in giving the ultimate fast food favorite a spin of sorts is the luxurious Address Beach Resort at Dubai’s Marina Beach.
Available at the hotel’s Via Toledo restaurant, the ‘pizza magnatum’ as it is called is a creation of chef Francesco Calo who was also named the best pizza chef in the world in 2019. Commenting on it, the chef said, “My cooking follows a gourmet style…”

Via Instagram / @viatoledo_dubai

The ultra-extravagant take on the classic Italian dish includes a generous helping of white Alba truffles. The seasonal ingredient is referred to as the diamond of the culinary world and is undoubtedly pricey and delicious too!

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For creating the $789 pizza magnatum, Chef Calo sourced the Truffle from Dubai’s so-called “Truffle Man” Massimo Vidoni. However, those willing to give the pricey dish a skip can also try the other options at the restaurant such as marinara doppio crunch with twice-cooked dough Icollori dell’orto, a vegetarian pizza topped with creams of courgettes, aubergine, peppers, pumpkin, and friarielli, and more.

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