This San Francisco restaurant serves truffles not on a plate but on an iPad

Would you eat your meal off an Apple iPad? Restaurants nowadays are on a quest to have unique dishes and often make use of modern technology to execute them. But serving a meal on an iPad? Does that sound sophisticated or silly?

Michelin-starred Quince Restaurant in San Francisco is making headlines with one of its menu items called “A Dog in Search of Gold” — a truffle dish served not on a plate but on an iPad. It consists of a white truffle fritter with salt roasted celeriac, roasted porcini mushroom and chestnut puree. Now, the dish does not directly sit on the iPad but on a removable plexi sheath which is washed and sanitized after every use. What’s interesting is that there’s a video playing on the iPad — that of a truffle hunt, revealing the moment when the truffle is detected by the Romagnolo dog. Chef Michael Tusk says “The idea was simply about taking the guest on a voyage to being out truffle hunting then having a moment when the truffle is dug from the ground.”

Quince is no stranger to using unconventional pieces to give their food a broader context. Would you order the “A Dog in Search of Gold” should you visit Quince?

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