Whisky afficianados – Johnnie Walker has designed a music-playing glass

If you though alcohol labels couldn’t be innovative, well you thought wrong! Scottish whiskey makers Johnnie Walker recently released the smart bottle and have now taken it a step further with the unveiling of ‘The Boldest Glass’ on April 10th, to promote their Red Label and ginger ale drink. The glass might look like an ordinary glass but has special powers in its depths. Just kidding, though it does have an AM/FM transmitter and amplifier at its base that transmits tiny vibrations through the glass that transfer music to you inner ear once the glass touches your teeth. Mimicking bone conduction technology that uses bones of the skull to send sound signals and tunes to the inner ear, the concept was designed and co-developed along with sensory scientists Condiment Junkie, to influence and enhance your Red Label drinking experience. The audio tracks are specifically set to bring out the flavors of the warm whiskey and spicy ale, while altogether giving you a vivid adventure of complimenting tastes and sounds.

The company is hoping this revolutionary concept will stir up the bar culture, especially with whiskey, that hasn’t changed in the last few years. We definitely think this will be an industry first to shake up a few teeth!

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The Boldest Glass by Johnnie Walker can be tried out on request, all of this month till 10th May 2015, at the Call Me Mr. Lucky bar in London.

[Via – Marketing-Magazine]

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