Harow’s New Skull Armchair combines Deviousness with Design

Harow’s luxurious new armchair is perhaps for those whose thinking is a bit left of centre. The French designer Harold Sangouard’s latest masterpiece is a deliciously evil, yet supremely stylish chair with a stunning back sculpted to resemble a skull. It’s the perfect accessory for any supervillain’s lair! The intricate back of the chair features a precise geometric design and lends an almost crystalline look to its unique skull shape. The rather sinister sculpture is perfectly balanced by the luxe comfort of its plush foam seat cushions covered with soft black velvet. Harow’s creation is more than just furniture, it’s a talking point: a statement for any room and a unique conversation starter.

Hypnotic in design and imposing in stature, Harow’s Skull Armchair represents the next step in elite home decor. Schemes for world domination will probably come to your mind much more easily in this menacing 40 inch throne!
Created from glossy black resin and a strong steel internal frame, the chair is for those with a decidedly Machiavellian turn of mind. It’s no surprise then, that this ultra-exclusive piece of furniture is available only through the Harow website as of now, with the rather intriguing message that the price will be announced soon.


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