Four Seasons Ocean Residences…….living on luxury!

The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts had made news a few days ago for their very enchanting Suite, a part of the Four Seasons New York’s new Ty Warner Penthouse. Its now time for them to go aquatic after creating a lot of hullabaloo on land! On August 13, 2007, a limited (30 out of112 residences) and rather an unusual showing of private residences will take place in London for not just any commonplace open house, but for living quarters aboard a giant luxury ship. This belittles the very meaning of giant and luxury. Not only will you be on this dream-like Ship but will also get a chance to circumnavigate the globe and spend more than 250 nights a year at exotic ports.

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If that is less then you will witness world events such as the Rio Carnival, America’s Cup, The British Open Championship, the Grand Prix in Monaco, and the 2010 London Olympics. You can make someplace for this on your wish-list as with the prices of residences starting at $3.8 million and going up to about $39 million it is going to stay there for a long, long time! You can also register online.

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