The Bentley blunder…recalls 520 Arnage models!

You can have any kind of problems with your car including a wheel problem, which is rather trivial but not when you zoom around in a coveted Bentley. But I guess the Bentley owning boys can’t boast of the same as for a change they have erred too. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have committed a hideous crime of announcing a recall; this would have been a not-so-surprising act if it would have been a Ford or General Motors but we are talking a Bentley here guys so the exaggeration can be an understatement. It’s a known fact that they still primarily build their entire lineup by hand and the company from Crewe is reportedly recalling 520 examples of its ultra-expensive Arnage that were built over the last 18 months due to incorrect bolts being used to attach the wheels, which could come loose as a result.

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I would like to wish them a very happy realization! The owners of this $221,000 sedan are surely going red with fury; what in the world did they ever buy a Bentley for anyways huh!

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