Suites are passe’ – This startup will create a custom hotel from the ground up anywhere in the world just for you

When you book a vacation you first narrow down on the place and then look for hotels in that place. Some may be to your liking and some not. Perhaps you’re looking for something unique or just designed the way you envision your dream vacation home to be. Worry not, for London-based luxury travel agency Black Tomato is bringing you a new offering. Blink is an exclusive new travel service that offers you the most personalized luxury travel experience imaginable; the chance to design your own temporary accommodation and experience in far and exotic locations just the way you want it. You can choose from a variety of tent styles: canvas, domes, bubbles, yurts, tropical villa tents, and a few more. Not just that, choose your own bedding, patterns, meals, excursions, transfers, etc. Your wish is their command. But wait, here’s what you need to know. Once you’ve enjoyed your five-star vacation experience and you’ve left the place with blissful memories; Blink dismantles those tents leaving no trace behind and it will never be built the same way again. Talk about a whole new level of personalized experience.

This ultimate experience starts anywhere from $10,964 a person for a three-night vacation in Morocco to $29,600 per person for a four-night trip to Bolivia. Prices range depending on location and number of nights.