This suite in Bali has a floor made of glass

Last year we were raving about the hospitality industry’s newest offerings in our list of the world’s top 5 underwater hotels. We understand though that leaving behind the basic comfort of land for the sake of a unique stay is not for everyone. I, personally, would, like a bit of a land-water balance. And guess what, I’ve got the exact place where one could find that! In a glass-bottomed room at a Bali Hotel!

Now there may already be a lot of reasons to visit Bali but this one just did it for us- Udang House also known as the Shrimp House, as its set over a freshwater shrimp pond. Located at the Bambu Inda Hotel on the Sayan Ridge, it was relocated to Bali and restored in 2005 by owners John Hardy, a Canadian-born jewelry maker and his American wife Cynthia Hardy. And offers views of the Ayung River, a Hindu temple and Mt. Batu Kau’s volcanic edges.

Inside, it features a bedroom with glass floor panels. Accenting the activity below is its rustic, teakwood ambience with lamps made from authentic shrimp baskets and a random boat paddle and fishing net by the foot of the mosquito-netted bed. The suite is designed so to create a “fishing village experience”. When in a Bali village, it’d only be fair to do as the Balinese there do and experience how they live as well.

Speaking of, the place sits by a fresh water fountain that feeds its natural pool. One can even enjoy nature in its true glory within the bathroom that’s kitted with an open air shower and glass-tiled roof. And when you’re done living the rural life, you can head to the Hanging Gardens in Ubud. Minutes from the location, the five star boutique hotel came 6th on our ‘11 Mind Blowing Hotels That Need To Be In Your Bucket List’.

[Via – Telegraph]

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