25 of the most stunning luxury hotel bathrooms in the world

Royal Mangroves Residence  copy
3 – The Royal Mangroves Residence – Anantara, Abu Dhabi
Price –
$14,000 per night
Toiletries – Anantara
The bathroom of this apartment style abode provides an experience so intense that you’d never wish to return to your life no matter how happening. The bathrooms are literally lone standing in the lap of nothingness with a view into perpetuity. To add to the grandeur, guests may treat themselves to a dip in the private infinity pool or a drink at the private pool bar, followed by star gazing in the suite’s rooftop garden. Surreal is the word that strikes your mind, I suppose?

2 – The Ambassador Lagoon – Atlantis Underwater Suite Bathroom, Dubai
Price –
$8,200 per night
Toiletries – Laric, Voss
The Ambassador Lagoon aquarium is an aqua lover’s paradise with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide spectacular views to a home of 65,000 marine animals. Inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis’ design concept, the suite is three stories high and 165 square meters deep. The bathroom is intimate, elegant, and unforgettable, providing an experience of a lifetime to honeymooners and travelers alike. The bathroom’s flooring and countertops are made with exquisite marble, such as GialloReale, Azul de Mar, Verona Beige, and Kashmir Gold Granite. A perfect blend of opulence and nature all at the same time!

1 – Bird’s Nest Pool Villa – Keemala, Phuket
Price –
$950 per night
Toiletries – Siam Botanicals, VOYA, and SpaRitual
The best hotel bathroom in the world is taken by this relatively new property and concept – The Bird’s Nest Pool Villa – Keemala, Phuket. Mesmerizing songs of birds, picturesque landscapes, and pristine living are some of the few characteristics to describe the Bird’s Nest Pool Villa. The floor in the shower is covered with hand-laid mosaic, and bird’s nests are suspended from the roofs, so you’re literally cohabiting with the beautiful creatures. With indoor showers, outdoor showers, and standalone bathtubs, all overlooking the Kamala Bay and the Andaman Sea, you’re sure to embrace nature in its true element.

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