World’s 10 most popular landmarks for 2016 according to TripAdvisor

“The Statue of Liberty,” “The Taj Mahal,” “Christ the Redeemer” — ask anyone and they are sure to have heard of these famous landmarks. So what makes them so special? Sometimes it’s the sheer magnitude of its size and architectural beauty; or it could be an engineering wonder that defies all logic; a historical monument commemorating an important event, or a natural wonder that tells a tale of mystery and beauty — these are but some of the things that make them most recognizable and of course the most photographed landmarks in the world.

With many iconic landmarks around the world, the competition is tough. Trip Advisor recently came up with their Travellers’ Choice Awards 2016 and here are their top 10 picks for the world’s must-see attractions. Have you ticked any of these off your bucket list?

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10 – Milan Cathedral (Duomo), Milan, Italy
Arguably one of the world’s most beautiful churches with its dazzling white front facade, this Gothic church was built over a period of nearly 600 years. The church is decorated with 3159 beautifully sculpted statues (it is said that there are more statues in this building than any other in the world). If you’re ever visiting do check out the Madonnina (Little Madonna), a copper statue of the virgin Mary covered with 3900 pieces of gold leaf.

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9 – Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool — U.S.
Built in the 1920s, this pool has been the backdrop for many historical events including Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The pool dramatically reflects the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and the Mall’s trees and draws over 3.6million people annually.