Hermès introduces haute bijouterie and we have the dazzling lowdown!

Who doesn’t love Hermès? Whether it is for their iconic scarves or the near unattainable Birkin! Or even the most recent bandana squares. Now you can add fine jewelry to that list. The French luxury label has just introduced its third collection of haute bijouterie by Pierre Hardy, with three jewelry ensembles. And if you too find them reminiscent of riding gear then that’s because these pieces draw their inspiration from the brand’s iconic roots of equestrian bridlery and silk scarf composition.

hermes-bridesdegala-roeethridgeBrides de Gala
The first ensemble, Brides de gala is the one most closely linked to the equestrian universe of Hermès and comprises a sautoir necklace, a ring, two rather unique bracelets, a set of earrings and a headpiece. The last one being quite the on-trend addition, while the uniqueness of the selection lies in its unbridled and jingling sapphires. “This is a fertile paradox, a constant dialogue between masculine and feminine, power and delicacy.”

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hermes-della-cavalleria-roeethridgeDella Cavalleria
With pretty much the same army as that of Brides de Gala, this one’s a less delicate and more geometric addition to the collection. It’s fluidity, however, comes from the ‘interweave’, that seemingly flows, coils and embraces the female form at the same time. The supple bib necklace and bracelet denote virility while its pearl accents lend the ensemble a high feminine point. So there may be not obvious masculine-feminine juxtaposition and yet this is a creation of contrasts.

hermes-grand-apparat-roeethridgeGrand Apparat
Grand Apparat by far remains the most stunning of all three ensembles mainly because it remains asymmetric without being chunky like its immediate predecessor. And it’s delicate without having lots going on, unlike the Brides de Gala line. This celestial seeming, hologram like selection has been nicknamed “the sorceress”. And we agree. With a sautoir necklace, set of earrings, headpiece, ring and bracelet each, it is a stunner in diamonds, white gold and sapphires. But we already told you that.

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Fashioned in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, this collection will be on display at Hermès, 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré until November 9, 2014. And what we wouldn’t give for a closer look at Brides de Gala! Especially that gorgeous headpiece in rose gold, diamonds, purple sapphires and midnight-blue suede! What’s your pick?

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