and Macy’s collaborate to create the Manhattan collection

The idea of immortalizing Manhattan in jewelry was conceived in 2006 at a Manhattan themed party, where executives from and Macy’s talked about the venture, which successfully culminated into a successful undertaking. The undertaking that of exquisite jewelry celebrates the beauty and spirit of 12 of Manhattan’s best-loved monuments and themes and transforming them into hand-crafted bejeweled works of art that synthesize architecture, culture, achievements, and aspirations. The Manhattan Collection consists of a ‘Museum Collection’ and ‘Couture Collection,’ wherein the 12 iconic museum pieces took between 12 to 18 months to create.

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The iconic inspirations for the jewelry pieces include the Brooklyn Bridge that inspired the diamond bangle, the iconic red star symbol of Macy’s, Guggenheim museum themed earrings, pendant inspired by the Grand Central Terminal, ring inspired by the Chrysler Building, the Wall Street-inspired bangle, the Fire Escapes inspired motif, Times Square inspired necklace, the Lincoln Center; the Central Park inspired pendant, St Patrick’s Cathedral inspired pendant, as well as the Manhattan icons. The Manhattan Couture Collection features 50 gallery jewels that everyone could use.
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