Tiffany & Co. debut their first new engagement ring style in over 10 years

It’s been over a decade since the last time Tiffany & Co. gave us a new engagement ring style to salivate over, but the company has finally done it with the launch of their Tiffany True cut. The new cut flaunts more of the diamond’s main facet allowing it to catch more light and appear radiant.

The new cut flaunts more of the diamond’s main facet allowing it to catch more light and appear radiant.

The setting is designed to be more modern with four link sides that create a basket for the stone, allowing it to sit lower on the finger. There is a subtle “T” shape in the setting which is visible from the sides. Tiffany CEO Alessandro Bogliolo told Fortune that the T-shape was intended to be very subtle and not obtrusive.

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The company believes that their True rings have all the makings of a modern classic, with a design that’s minimal without compromising on style.

“Each diamond reflects Tiffany’s commitment to selecting only superb quality and sustainably sourced stones,” Melvyn Kirtley, chief gemologist and Vice President of Global Category Marketing at Tiffany & Co. told The Knot. “The cut of the Tiffany True diamond enhances the brilliance of each stone by exposing more surface area on the diamond’s main facet. The architectural T-shaped design in the setting subtly brands the ring while showcasing the brilliance of the True cut diamond.”

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The True rings are available in two styles, a platinum band with a diamond or a yellow gold band with a yellow diamond. Prices start at $7,000.

The True collection also features a range of bracelets consisting of interlocking “T”s.

These rings are gorgeous, but are they as new and revolutionary as Tiffany seems to believe? Or have this iconic company’s solitaire’s now given way to more trendy options? Tiffany & Co. superfans will certainly love this new launch.


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