Breach Candy gets it’s new hotspot Clean Candy..Green Candy

SOBO has a new entree on the block a lively & spirited concept restaurant called Candy & Green…a multi-level vegetarian eatery located at Breach Candy fuelled with an ambition to make people crave clean organic vegetables.

Vegetarian and vegan being the new trend globally, great vegetarian food isn’t hard to come by in our city but combining that with clean, organic, home-grown microgreens and herbs with a bright and peaceful setting does give us health conscious but foodies a new abode to hang out.

It is spread across two levels the fourth floor and rooftop of Hubtown Skybay at Breach Candy, the indoor dining restaurant, and the rooftop garden space. The interiors, décor, and ambiance expresses the essence of the restaurant of striking a balance. The rooftop seating with a beautifully landscaped vertical garden overlooks the cityscape and the Arabian sea is the perfect place for a sundowner with a date or with a bunch of friends, family or colleagues.

Since the focus is on clean, wholesome yet indulgent food the restaurant has a live greenhouse on its terrace growing the essential herbs and micro greens, which are consumed in house for the various food and beverage preparations.

The menu, which is the look-alike of a tabloid is printed in ‘editions’ representing the seasonal changes that will be brought in keeping the fresh produce availability in mind. It has a full fledged bar creating a variety of cocktails, wellness drinks, cold pressed juices, smoothies and mocktails. The cold pressed juices like Ultron which is a mix of watermelon, rose, mint & basil seeds was quite a refreshing start to our dinner.

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The food menu has small and sharing plates along with platters called bountiful boards, the options available are a good mix of different cuisines & flavors but also features some re-imagined classics like the naked veggie burger or the savory waffles but gluten free.

For those accustomed to bold flavors, the preparations can at first seem understated to a fault. But with each course prepared with precision, the meal emerges as a crafty reflection of simplicity and seasonality. For the entrée, we ordered some Fresh Summer Rolls, which were perfect rice paper rolls with crispy pickled veggies and tofu served with a dip and Zucchini Parcels that was served with delicately flavored chili aioli.

To accompany our mains out of the extensive bar menu we chose another healthy variant called The Riddler which was a concoction of pear, fennel, cucumber & lemon a refreshing and cooling aid to beat the heat this summer.

For the mains we tried the absolute mix of fun eating and the perfect choice for a fit foodie Quinoa Tabouleh Falafel which was a burst of flavors, the creamy hummus prepared just right makes you keep digging in for more, it was served along with soft and fresh pita bread and plated uniquely on a log of wood keeping the connect with nature and rawness intact. The other main we tried was Everyone’s favorite curry – the traditional Thai red curry loaded with fresh vegetables, herbs and tofu with sesame rice was flavorsome but did miss the customary aroma that one expects from our traditional curry.

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The meals not just make one feel light and fresh but are also light on the pockets keeping the Sobo location in mind.

The option of choosing a No More Depresso Mousse a vegan dessert with hazelnut and coffee zest is definitely high on taste and low in calories, this was the best way to end this sumptuous, clean, green and fun dinner.

Where: Candy & Green
Hubtown Skybay, Breach Candy, Bhulabhai Desai Marg,
Cumballa Hill, Mumbai-400026
Phone: 022 2352 3413

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