Deepika Padukone on the road to becoming the most bankable actress in the world in 2016

This long legged, raven haired lass with her infectious dimpled smile, really needs no introduction. Deepika Padukone has proved her mettle time and again and played the varied characters in her movies to perfection. The road to success has been no bed of roses for her. She started off on shaky ground with a few of her initial movies but with her perseverance and grit has proved all her detractors wrong and has emerged like phoenix to scale new heights. It is hard to find another actress who has achieved the accolades, awards and glory that she has in her till now short film career. She has now set her eyes on Hollywood and will be playing a part in Vin Diesel’s XXX sequel. With fantastic performances in her movies, Deepika is probably the top actress in Bollywood and one of the most bankable names in the largest film producing nation of the world.

Acting is her life and she loves what she does. She reminds us of King Midas, where anything she touches turns to gold. In spite of all the love and adulation, the fame and the awards she is still a very grounded and a down to earth person with her head on her shoulders.

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Look out for this shining new star that only knows the way forward.

[ Via : Classicalite ]

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