Iconic theatre Opera House is all set to open its doors again

The Opera House which has been closed since 1993, is gearing up to host the opening ceremony of the MAMI film festival on October 20th.
This spectacular structure had called it a day in 1993 with a Kathiwad fashion show. For 80 years this has housed plays, movies and music concerts with artists like Prithviraj Kapoor, Bal Gandharva, Dinanath and Lata Mageshkar having performed here.

23 years after it was closed to the public, the Opera House is being restored and spruced up by the heritage architect, Abha Lambah. This stunning edifice, owned by the Gondal family was originally a baroque structure which was rebuilt as an art deco cinema in the 1930’s. The entire structure was then razed to the ground to make way for the new cinema theatre. The Opera House that had only large table fans lost its patrons in the 80’s to the air conditioned theatres that came up all across the city.

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After acquiring all the necessary permissions from the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee it took almost eight years to restore this beautiful building that was on the verge of collapse when it shut down.

Abha’s team of architects has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the new Opera House is a solid structure with modern facilities but within the realms of the heritage rules.

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Mumbaiites who have grown up watching movies and plays here, wait with bated breath for the Opera House to be functional again to entertain once again.

[ Via : Dnaindia ]

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