Review: A rave Italian dining experience at Sorrentina by Foodhall

Step into Sorrentina by Foodhall and you’ll discover a haven that not just allows you to buy unique and rare ingredients but also to immerse yourself in a sumptuous Italian fare at Sorrentina. The name is derived from Sorrentina, Italy which is devoted to the town of Sorrentino in the South-west, serving modern Italian cuisine that is a representative of Italy’s charm and understated Italian delicacies.

Once you set foot inside Sorrentina’s glass doors, you are met with eclectic interiors that are a strong draw. We went in to try their revamped menu wherein 30 dishes have been added. The intriguing menu is seasonal and is bursting with anything and everything that thrives quintessential superfoods from Antipasti to gluten-free Neapolitan pizzas to alluring pastas.

What caught our attention was the special keto section, a perfect pick for the carb-conscious. We take our server’s recommendation and opt for the exotic Caffe Latte Crostini done in a scrumptious and nuanced manner which was undoubtedly pleasing to the palette.

The Eggplant timballo stuffed with a surprising amount of mozzarella nestled in the baked eggplant dressed with spicy marina sauce and pine nuts makes is an indulgence of sorts. Our next order is the Prawns Piccante which with its brilliant flavours combination of sweet-water prawns and spicy marina sauce makes for a rich, flavourful taste explosion and we struggle to refrain from licking the plate clean.

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We loved how Chef Aabhas with his relatively simple dishes with minimal seasoning allows the freshness to center-stage. The next we see is a dreamy cheese platter coming down from the kitchen clearly spoiling us with the grand platter handcrafted to perfection. For the main-course, the highlight was the Tajarin Alla Tartufo pasta which brought a surprising punch of flavors and textures with its parmesan emulsion, butter, alongside the perfect touch of truffle. Interestingly, Sorrentina ensures that diners that are cutting back on calories don’t have to scrimp on the flavors.

We also had the chance to gorge on the Keto Bolognese Lamb Pizza which was pure gold and tastes unequivocally brilliant. With exclusive use of ingredients, Chef Aabhas perfectly balances classics with the art of fine dining.  With Italian desserts being so desirable it’s certainly hard to pick between them. 

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We devoured the Tiramisu served on our plate which is hands down one of the best in the city. Thick layers of cream and mascarpone accentuated by the sweetness of the cocoa powder and the mildest hint of bitterness from the espresso make for a dreamy end to the meal. Sorrentina often reports a strange sensation as if we have been to Italy and back. The food, the furnishings, and staff here have managed to create an ambiance that is poised to keep customers regaled through their experience here. 

Note: The critic was invited by the restaurant but all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

Where: Sorrentina by Foodhall
Second Floor, [email protected] Road, Plot No.106,
Linking Rd, Santacruz West, Mumbai- 400054
Phone: 091369 13747

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9 Food
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9 Hospitality
9 Décor
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