Review: Exclusive lunch specials at KOKO: A star-studded culinary experience

Asian fine-dine KOKO recently introduced exclusive lunch specials for the season that are perfect to tuck into while enjoying the slight nip in the air. We dropped in to try the same and have been raving about it ever since we tried the gorgeous food and deep-dived into the exquisite flavours.

Needless to say that if sushi and dim-sum is your soul food, let KOKO be your second home. You can’t afford to miss these culinary masterpieces. We also loved the Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is KOKO’s version of the iconic Singaporean dish. It features succulent, steamed chicken served with fragrant rice and accompanied by a garlic-chilli dip and ginger relish.

Another pick is the Hoisin Duck Rice, a hearty bowl of oh-so-tender duck served with fragrant rice, homemade hoisin sauce and garnished with cucumber and coriander. We highly recommend the Cantonese Tenderloin Rice Bowl where the tenderloin is cooked to perfection with edamame, bok choy and oyster sauce, poured over jasmine rice and served with a fried egg on top. The Char Kuay Teow, the vegetarian version of the Malaysian classic that comprises rice cake strips stir-fried with bean sprouts, mushrooms, chives and szechuan vegetables tossed in KOKO’s special seasoned woks is a delight to gorge on.

The Silken Tofu Rice Bowl featuring braised and soft, silken tofu tossed with luffa, bok choy and vegetarian oyster sauce is another big hit and makes for something you wouldn’t want to share. The Soya Bean Fragrant Rice where soya chunks are cooked with edamame, bok choy, szechuan vegetables and veg oyster sauce, and poured over jasmine rice also hits the right spot. All the servings come along with dim sum, sushi, homemade miso soup, Asian salad and the KOKO house dessert that is worth every nosh.

Non-veg lunch: Rs 1,000 + taxes
Veg lunch: Rs 900 + taxes

Where: KOKO
Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400013
Tel : 077159 63030

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